Resumen europeo: Dry central Europe – Snow and rain south-east, 20 abr – 06:43

Issued: 0530hrs Thursday 20th April 2017
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Warm again in Portugal; Scandinavia briefly milder

High pressure resides across north-western Europe, whilst low pressure is to the south-east. Hot and sunny for south-western Spain & Portugal, temperatures topping 25C, whilst northern Iberia is cooler with strong easterly winds. Sunshine for the western Mediterranean, but risk of showers for Sardinia. Cool with a few showers for southern Italy. Warm for Greece and Turkey highs 17 to 20C.
Widespread snow for the mountainous regions of the Balkans, plus the Carpathians, whilst a mix of rain and snow affects low-lying areas of south-eastern Europe. Heavy rain around the western Black Sea. Snow showers for Austria. Strong easterly winds for the Alps and central-southern France. Dry weather extends across France, the Low Countries, Germany, Poland and southern Baltic. A west to south-westerly breeze influences Scandinavia, bringing briefly milder temperatures to southern areas. Fronts bring rain and snow to north & western Scandinavia.

It is likely to remain warm in western Iberia, with highs again over 25C in Portugal. Cooler for eastern Spain, whilst south-west France will be warm at 20C or locally higher.
Dry weather extends across central and western Europe as high pressure stays in charge. Highs of 13C in Germany. A zone of cool and showery conditions over south-eastern countries pulls away slowly eastwards across the Black Sea, bringing some thundery bursts to Turkey, and some further snow to the mountains of Romania.
A breezy day for North Sea and Baltic regions, with fronts passing south across Scandinavia. Showery rain for southern Sweden and Denmark, with scattered showers for northern Poland. Cold air spreads from the north-west across Norway, bringing snow showers, which will be frequent along northern coastlines.

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